Mag Igor Nikolaev
Mag Igor Nikolaev


Потомственный Сибирский маг Николаев Игорь Леонидович. Ведет прием лично более 30 лет. Является одним из ведущих колдунов Сибири.
Маг Николаев уже более 30 лет практикует в Красноярске. С 1998 года стал самым известным, и популярным магом города Красноярска. Он владеет высшей степенью магистратуры нетрадиционной академии с Присвоением "Маг". Имеет инициации Вуду, Шаманизм, и Тальтийская магия.
Маг Николаев является Мастером Рейки. Верховный жрец шабаша Красноярска ковена «Волка-Орла».
Skype : mag-nikolaev
+79676075177(Viber ; WhatsApp)
Hereditary Siberian MAG Nikolaev Igor Leonidovich. Is receiving personally for over 30 years. Is one of the leading sorcerers of Siberia. Lives and takes it personally in the city of Krasnoyarsk. Hold online rituals through Skype, Viber, WhatsApp ( +79676075177) . Working in the field of magic since 1989. Conducts reception in the Russian language. For residents of other countries who want to do a ritual from the Siberian magician, need a translator. He owns the highest degree non-traditional Academy with the assignment of "MAG". Has initiate of Voodoo, shamanism, and magic Taliska. Mage Igor Leonidovich has the official diploma mage, with 26.12.2000 year, under number 4339 .
MAG Nikolaev-Reiki Master. High priest coven of Siberia coven "Wolf-eagle".
MAG Nikolaev Igor Leonidovich conducting magic rituals love spell to return a loved ones and spouses.
Determines the presence and degree of negative influence on the person: love spell, evil eye, damage, curse.
Will help in the solution of problems in business, conducting rituals for good luck and profit in your life. Luxury pure magic. All spectrum of magic services. Let us analyze the Compatibility of partners. Put the code on luck, success in work and business;
Will hold a session of divination by Tarot cards, Lenormand, runes.
Put powerful protection from 1year to 5 years. years.
For your protection, in everyday life to create amulets and talismans. mage, wizard, spell, divination .
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